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  • Turtle Conservation

    Turtle Hatchery

    Working with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Ministry of Envrionmental Conservation and Forestry of the Union of Myanmar, the Foundation built the first sea turtle hatchery in Lampi Marine National Park.

    For years, almost all turtle nesting sites have been raided by humans and local predatory wildlife. The Lampi Foundation has empowered local villagers to safeguard all future nesting grounds. One of the Foundation’s most significant projects is the development of the first turtle hatchery in the Lampi Marine National Park to help provide a safe environment for the Green, Hawksbill and Leatherback Turtles that nest on the island of Wa Ale. As of January 2016, we have saved over 14 nests and released a multitude of turtles safely into the Andaman Sea off the island of Wa Ale.

  • Early Learning

    Early Childhood Education

    The Lampi Foundation has continually provided supplies and equipment to the village schools on both the villages of Salet Galet and Ma Kyone Galet. Free English language instruction will soon be provided to the local school children.

  • Medical Donations

    Medical Equipment and Training

    We are working directly with Dr. Gerald Zelikovsky of the Global Medical Volunteers to build a medical clinic in the village of Ma Kyone Galet and provide training by visiting doctors from the United States. The Lampi Foundation’s first donation of medical equipment and assistance was made in March 2016.

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